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Yoga • Ayurveda • Meditation • Organization

No one should have to face their biggest obstacles alone.

As a Wellness Coach in Asheville, NC, Karriann of IndiYogi understands the burden of both wanting more out of your life and feeling like there are one or two obstacles that seem insurmountable.

Through extensive training in time-tested practices like yoga, traditional holistic healing, breathing techniques, and a life of experience in corporate America, Karriann has developed tools to help clients shift their experience with life administration, organization, physical wellbeing, and mental welfare, so they don't have to be alone to do "the hardest thing."


Yoga & Breathwork

Harnesses movement for the body and stillness for the mind in a one-on-one and group sessions. By focusing on how the mind and body can connect we can then take control of how our body reacts to keep our mind settled in peace by opening the flow of our inner body channels. Removing stagnant blockages will help the flow of energy revitalize the cells and organs for proper function. Typically these eight variations take about one to five minutes each.



Come to understand the principles of Ayurveda by exploring how we are individuals with individual needs instead of a one box fits all approach, get a birds-eye view of how our personalities and behaviors are a direct link to our digestive system, and harness the control over the immune system by living closer to nature through seasonal changes. Ayurveda has the knowledge to capture the root cause and the science to correct or redirect the issue back to the digestive system for excretion, ridding of symptoms and future dis-eases.


Home Organization

From reorganizing a space that has lost its function, or creating entirely new organizing methods. “Taking Care Of Yourself Also Means Taking Care Of Your Environment” – Unknown. Apart from clearing the clutter internally also includes clearing clutter externally. Feeling in-control with internal health will be much easier when your environment is a reflection of the healthy flow externally. Organization does have an element of discarding unnecessary clutter, however Karriann leans into repurpose of items for necessary uses, and cleaning of used items for renewed uses.

Herbal Treatment

"Yoga, was something completely new to me and something everyone around me was trying and I loved what I got to experience in Karriann's class, because it seemed more open and no judgment like at an actual gym or wherever ... At first I thought I wasn't going to be able to finish the [6-week] course because I thought I wasn't the strongest or most fit to take this course and complete it but I am surprised in myself for being able to complete the class."

- C. Conners



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